Il nobile privilegio: l'Acqua pura di Asciano
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On the green plain north of Pisa, an area which was formerly pointed by several ponds, in a wonderful setting surrounded by the Roman ducts, the Pisan hills and the ancient city walls, resides the B&B “Ai Condotti di Pisa- Da Filippo”. Hosted in a wing of the large building which was originally the furnace of the Medicean ducts  the so called  “Saragone Furnace”, it was later turned into farmhouse and recently restored according to the Tuscan tradition. The B&B is found one and a half kilometers far from Pisa, that is 300 arches of the Medicean ducts.

Our B&B features a reception & lobby, a breakfast room, where our guests can admire an ancient wine press, a porch, a suite and five large bedrooms.
Inside the building there are still two oven mouths of the ancient furnace, one of them was later converted into a domestic oven.
On the east façade you can find a renovated aedicule with a Madonna with the Child dating back to 1800 and at the entrances there are walled-up copies of the Ceramic Basins that usually adorned  Pisan churches when the city dominated and plundered the Mediterranean Sea.

Who we are
In an informal environment, originally furnished with modern as well as antique Tuscan pieces of furniture, where the keywords are accuracy, hospitality  and kindness, the landlady, a teacher of Italian and French in some Pisan schools, will look after guests in cooperation with her children,  her daughter-in-law and her son-in-law – all of them health workers – and in good company of her grandchildren Ludovica, Vittorio and Lorenzo.